Amelia Talks Climate photo

To cut city government and community wide carbon emissions, I support the development of a comprehensive and equitable community-wide Community Action Plan. To meet our goals, we will need the cooperation of KUB and TVA. It will also require the commitment and buy-in of the community and therefore priorities for reducing community emissions should be devised by the community, especially those most vulnerable to the impacts and effects of climate change, with the support of city staff. The city should continue to invest in, but at a greater rate, the needed infrastructure to support expanded electric vehicle use among both government and privately-owned electric vehicles. We must make riding public busses as affordable, convenient, and accessible as possible to grow ridership. To build a culture of walking and taking transit, we need well-resourced communities that connect residential areas with nearby schools, jobs, retail establishments and commercial districts approachable by foot that allow us to find and purchase the bulk of our needs in our own community, in addition to public services such as busses, access to alternative forms of transportation such as electric bicycles, and amenities such as sidewalks, crosswalks, and protected bike lanes.