Amelia Talks City Revenue photo

A city with a high rate of poverty like Knoxville must work to increase our workforce, and the wages of our workforce, so that we have a larger population participating regularly in our local economy. One way the city can influence wages in our city is by ensuring city employees earn a living wage and there is not a growing gap between the highest and lowest salary earners in the city. Vacant buildings in our city can be put to good use for residential and commercial purposes with tax incentives and low interest/no interest loans offered by the city. City tax incentives should be restricted to those projects that propose a direct benefit to city residents. The city should also prioritize those parts of the city and members of our community experiencing the highest rates of poverty. We can also increase revenue by applying a small tax to new amenities that come to town, such as the electric scooters, so that perhaps $.50 cent per ride goes directly back to the city to fund a city priority such as making our sidewalks compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act by adding much needed curb cuts to sidewalks throughout the city.