Safe and healthy communities require equitable access to public services; affordable and healthy food; access to public transit with safe, bikeable roads and walkable neighborhoods; good schools; adequate healthcare; and community spaces that strengthen neighborhoods.


A strong democracy requires residents to be informed and engaged. Amelia is committed to improving our public input processes and bringing new tools to City Council to ensure those directly affected are able to lead decision-making processes. This includes innovative tools such as participatory budgeting, community-led People’s Assemblies, and other resources that allow community members to not only engage in but also to lead the changes we see in Knoxville. ​


Development projects in Knoxville should promote smart growth and ensure the human rights of all involved are upheld: residents, workers, homeowners, etc. Incentives should only be provided when direct benefits to the community are ensured and our common goals are met, such as preventing environmental damage and continuing our commitment to energy efficiency, providing good jobs with living wages for local residents, maintaining adequate and affordable housing throughout the city, and alleviating the cycle of poverty in Knoxville.